NCERT Class 10th NCERT Hindi Book संचयन भाग -2 Chapter-Wise Pdf 

  • 15 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Class 10th Sanchayan Bhag-2 Complete Book PDF Download

Sanchayan, a supplementary reader book for class 10th published under the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT). Keeping the pre-acquired language skills of students in mind, the curriculum is designed in a way to upscale the quality and region of perspective of the students. Genres like autobiography, novel and story have been made a part of this book. An introduction to stylistic features of different genres has been done. An attempt to propagate and develop a healthy attitude towards learning is made through literary artwork, and the material provided is such that the children get familiar with their cultural heritage in the field of folk tradition, literature, art, science etc. And develop a positive attitude towards it. 

NCERT Class 10th Sanchayan 

The book of class 10th Hindi meant for supplementary reading called Sanchayan consists of three chapters. Namely, Harihar Kaka, Sapno ke se din and Topi Shukla. All of these chapters convey a beautiful message in their unique way. The Story of Harihar Kaka is explained in a heartfelt manner and showcasing of the true colors of their people of close relations where the narrator depicts a situation of what happens when the family and the protectors of the lord's place leave their primary duty and become untrue to their nature. In the story Sapno ke se din, the writer has attempted to point every day to day aspects that generally go unnoticed by us. The story depicts the reality of what our pre-independent rural India used to look like. At last, the writer of the story of Topi Shukla has shown two families belonging to different religions, the families despise each other's presence due to societal norms. However, the children of those families are unaffected by such a set of values and become friends. Chapter-wise book and a separate book are provided below for the book Sanchayan.

NCERT Class 10th Hindi Sanchayan Complete BOOK PDF

Class 10th NCERT Hindi Book संचयन भाग -2  Chapter-Wise Pdf 

Chapter No. Chapter Name 
Chapter 1 (संचयन) हरिहर काका
Chapter 2  सपनों के से दिन
Chapter 3  टोपी शुक्ला



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