NCERT Class 10th NCERT Hindi Book क्षितिज भाग-2 Chapter-Wise Pdf

  • 15 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Class 10th Kshitij Complete BOOK PDF Download

The National Council of Education, Research and Training publishes two different pairs of books for the same curriculum of Hindi literature for class 10th. The content in these books is different from one another but strives to fulfill a common objective of making students' comprehensive skills and overall Hindi better. The book contains seventeen writings from well-renowned authors and poets, where eight are from the prose sections and nine from the poetry section. The students are made through the reading journey while making them familiar with literature from various periods like the Bhakti Period, the Riti period, and the modern period. Students get introduced to diverse genres, styles, memoirs, and autobiographies of various authors. 

NCERT Book Class 10th Kshitij  

The Book's written in a format that serves students in their best interests. Attributes like eloquence, student-centric approach, comprehensive nature, etc make the reader interested for a prolonged period and thus, increase their overall region of perspective while also improving their reading and comprehensive skills at the same time. To score well in the subject of Hindi literature one will have to understand and contemplate every chapter and practice answer writing regularly. Chapter-wise book and pdf for the book Kshitij are given below.

NCERT Class 10th Hindi क्षितिज Complete BOOK PDF

Class 10th NCERT Hindi Book क्षितिज Chapter-Wise

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