NCERT Class 10th Complete Geography BOOK PDF Download

  • 15 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Class 10th Geography Complete Book PDF Download

The subject of geography which comes under the sub-category of the subject of social science published by the National Council of Research and Training (NCERT) is a part of the curriculum of class 10th. The addition of geography as a subject will help students understand the relationship that humans have with the habitat they're living in. The subject has a well-built index of chapters that will be covered further. Geography deals with the attributes of physical properties spread across the surface of the earth and dwells for a deeper understanding of human societies are affected by different-different habitats. Understanding topics like such can give students a greater comprehension of today's issues like climate change, global warming and water scarcity. For children aspiring to score well in geography, things like giving regular dedicated hours, question practice and daily revision should be performed and covering all the requisite chapters mentioned under the syllabus.

Class 10th NCERT Geography Book

The book of NCERT Class 10th is curated with precision and a student-centric mindset. The book covers all the essential topics to lay a strong groundwork for those who are wanting to go with geography in their higher studies. The concepts are eloquently discussed and provide insights into some of the geographic aspects of life. The author of the book has done a fine job of making complex topics easier to comprehend. Moreover, the book has back exercises for students to self-examine their answer writing skills and practise mcqs. To pass with flying colours in your exam of social science, geography in particular, follow the guidance earlier mentioned and stay consistent with it, along with map work practice, map work generally goes unnoticed by children. Following we have provided a table consisting chapter wise books and a separate book as a whole. 

Class 10th Complete Geography BOOK PDF Download

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Class 10th Chapter-wise book Social Science - Geography: Contemporary World India - II



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