NCERT Class 10th English Book Footprints without Feet Chapter-Wise Pdf

  • 15 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Class 10th English Footprints Without Feet Complete PDF Download

The National Council of Education, Research and Training has published various books under its publication one of them being "Footprints without Feet ", a supplementary reader for the students of class 10th. Along with "First Flight", these two books are read as a literary piece by the class 10th students. The book contains around ten chapters, each stating its significance by the type of content it delivers. The book is made in a student-centric format while keeping "what might the child need exposure to " thought in mind, stories having different themes and genres are present in this book such as thematic, play, sci-fi etc. There is also a good representation of different writers across the globe for example:- Indian, British, Japanese, French and American. Such depictions of stories given by different writers can add to diversity in the perspectives. 

NCERT Class 10th Footprints Without Feet

The Book First Flight serves a great interest in making students equipped with the basics of the English language. The nature of the book is comprehensive and well-written, with eloquent explanations. the book is written in an engaging as well as comprehensive manner to keep students interested in reading for longer hours, To score exceptionally well in your English exam children will need to understand every chapter and practise answer writing. While writing answers, all the grammatical and spelling mistakes must be avoided at all costs as they result in marks deduction. To avoid that habit in exams, ensure that you've practised your grammar and spelling at least two months before. We have provided a chapter-wise list and a pdf for the book Footprints Without Feet below.

Class 10th English Footprints Without Feet Complete BOOK PDF Download

Chapter-Wise Book Pdf Class 10th NCERT Footprints Without Feet 

Chapter No. 

Chapter Name 

Chapter 1 (Footprints without feet)

A Triumph of Surgery 

Chapter 2

The Thief’s story 

Chapter 3

The Midnight Visitor 

Chapter 4

A Question of Trust 

Chapter 5 

Footprints without feet 

Chapter 6 

The making of a scientist 

Chapter 7 

The Necklace 

Chapter 9 


Chapter 10 

The Book that Saved the Earth 

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