NCERT Class 10th English Book First Flight Chapter-Wise Pdf 

  • 15 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Class 10th English First Flight Complete Book PDF Download

Book First Flight gets published under the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) for children studying in class 10th. The book comes under the English subject with one supplementary reader book called "Footprints without Feet". The book caters for the audience with a wide variety of genres like diary writing, play, cultural and sociological themes etc. Chapters like "The Dairy of Anne Frank", "The Proposal", and "Glimpses of India" follow the respective themes as mentioned earlier. The ultimate aim of the book "First Flight" is to convey the story's message in an engaging and stimulating manner to the audience. Where children can learn and connect with the outside world, as the council highly condemns rote learning. 

NCERT Class 10th First Flight

The Book First Flight serves an essential purpose in making the base for English communication skills betterment. The nature of the book is comprehensive and well-written, with eloquent explanations. Every chapter gives a lesson to the children in one way or the other, whether it be providing information about varied cultures or outcomes of one's actions. To score well in English, that too in the First Flight, children will need to understand every chapter and practise answer writing. While writing answers, all the grammatical and spelling mistakes must be avoided at all costs as they result in marks deduction. To avoid that habit in exams, ensure that you've practised your grammar and spelling errors at least two months before. We have provided a chapter-wise list and a pdf for the book First Flight below.

Class 10th English First Flight Complete BOOK PDF Download

Class 10th English First Flight Chapter-Wise Pdf 

Chapter No. 

Chapter Name 

Chapter 1 (First Flight)

A Letter to God 

Chapter 2 

Nelson Mandela: Long walk to freedom 

Chapter 3

Two stories about flying 

Chapter 4 

From the Diary of Anne Frank 

Chapter 5 

Glimpses of India 

Chapter 6

Mijbil the Otter 

Chapter 7 

Madam rides the bus 

Chapter 8

The sermon at Benares

Chapter 9

The proposal 


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