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NCERT Books class wise

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NCERT Class 12th Books

After reaching the final stage of schooling which is class 12th students from different streams i.e science, commerce, and arts, follow books published by NCERT, the assessment of class 12th is done by conducting a board exam which is why students' main objective becomes to cover all the chapters carefully and effectively. Below are the books along with the book name and subject.  



Science  Physics Part 1 
Science  Physics Part 2 
Science Chemistry Part 1 
Science  Chemistry Part 2 
Science Biology 
Science Mathematics Part 1 
Science  Mathematics Part 2 
Commerce Accountancy Part 1 
Commerce  Accountancy Part 2 
Commerce Business Studies Part 1 
Commerce  Business Studies Part 2 
Commerce Economics Introductory Macroeconomics 
Commerce Economics Introductory Microeconomics 
Commerce  Mathematics Part 1 
Commerce  Mathematics Part 2 
Arts  History Part 1 
Arts History 2 
Arts History Part 3 
Arts Geography Part 1 
Arts Geography Part 2 
Arts Political Science Part 1 
Arts Political Science Part 2 
Arts Economics Introductory Macroeconomics 
Arts  Economics Introductory Microeconomics 
Arts  Sociology 
                       - English Flamingo  
                       - English Vistas 
                       - English Kaleidoscope 
                       - Hindi Antra 
                       - Hindi Antra Bhag 2 
                       - Hindi Vitan 
                       - Hindi Aroh 

You can also download NCERT Solutions here

NCERT Class 11th Books

Class 11th is responsible for making a healthy and strong base for class 12th as the topics and chapters are directly interrelated or one may say that class 12th has chapters that are an extension of chapters in 11th; by understanding this situation class 11th also becomes as important as class 12th is which is why learning and understanding those concepts that are present in these books become essential to have clarity for the next class. Moreover, the syllabus students need to study for their competitive exams is only from these books. Following is the list of stream-wise books along with the subject name mentioned. 



Science  Physics Part 1 
Science  Physics Part 2 
Science  Chemistry Part 1 
Science  Chemistry Part 2 
Science  Biology 
Science  Mathematics 
Commerce Accountancy: Financial Accounting Part 1 
Commerce  Accountancy: Financial Accounting Part 2
Commerce  Business Studies 
Commerce  Economics 
Commerce Mathematics 
Arts Geography Part 1 
Arts Geography Part 2 
Arts History: Themes in World History 
Arts Political Science Part 1 Indian constitution at work 
Arts Political Science Part 2 Political Theory 
Arts Sociology: Introducing Sociology 
Arts Sociology: Understanding Society 
Arts Economics: Indian Economic Development 
                        - English: Snapshots 
                        - English: Hornbill 
                        - English: Woven Words 
                        - Hindi: Antara 
                        - Hindi: Antral 
                        - Hindi: Aroh 
                        - Hindi: Vitan 


NCERT Class 10th Books

Class 10th is when students undergo their first board examination and prepare themselves for it by following the books of NCERT, however, students need not worry or suffer from any form of stress as these books are just as easy because of student-centric and formulation of content into simpler manner, therefore we have the links of the books that they may require for their studies and practice.



English  First flight 
English  Footprints without feet 
Hindi Kshitij 
Hindi  Sparsh 
Hindi Kritika 
Hindi  Sanchayan
Mathematics  Mathematics: Textbook for Class X
Science  Science: Textbook for Class X
Social Science  History 
Social Science Political Science
Social Science Geography 
Social Science Economics 


NCERT Class 9th Books

NCERT class 9 books cover a diverse range of subjects, including mathematics, science, and social science (history, civics, geography, English, and Hindi. The language used in these books is very comprehensive and can help children provide a better understanding of the topics. The content is produced which is easy to understand and promotes active learning. These books further enhance the critical thinking skills and reasoning abilities of class 9 students. Following are the books mentioned with subject names in PDF format to provide to the students who require them.



English  Beehive 
English  Moments
Hindi  Kshitij 
Hindi  Sparsh 
Hindi Kritika 
Hindi  Sanchayan 
Mathematics   Mathematics: Textbook for Class IX
Science Science: Textbook for Class IX
Social Science  History 
Social Science  Political Science 
Social Science  Geography 
Social Science Economics 


NCERT Class 8th Books

NCERT books for class 8th are written comprehensively, covering essential topics in all subjects, and keeping a student-centric mindset while writing. These books are easy to follow because they display topics easily. The main focus is to make students' basic clear and conceptually strong, helping students to grasp ideas easily—including activities and practical examples that support interactive learning and critical thinking. For the students requiring books in PDF format, we suggest you download them using the links given below.



English  Honeydew 
English  It so happened 
Hindi  Bharat ki Khoj 
Hindi  Vasant 
Hindi  Durva 
Hindi  Sanshipt Budhcharit
Mathematics  Mathematics: Textbook for Class VIII
Science    Science: Textbook for Class VIII
Social Science  History 
Social Science  Civics
Social Science  Geography 


NCERT Class 7th Books

Books from NCERT class 7th help in bridging the essential topics with class 8th. These books provide an overall foundation and strong academic base for upcoming classes. Books such as mathematics which cover topics like fractions, decimals, and algebraic equations lay the groundwork for advanced mathematics which will be coming in class 8th. Similarly, other subjects are taught in a way that doesn’t feel new to the students after reaching their next class. Links to class 7th books are provided in a PDF format below.



English  Honeycomb 
English  An Alien Hand 
Hindi  Durva 
Hindi  Mahabharata 
Hindi Vasant
Mathematics  Mathematics: Textbook for Class VII
Science  Science: Textbook for Class VII
Social Science  Geography 
Social Science History 
Social Science Civics 


NCERT Class 6th Books

Class 6th is considered to be the transitional phase for the students as they are getting promoted from primary level to middle school or upper primary, thus it becomes a bit more important for them to focus on studies more carefully than they used to up until now. The curriculum becomes more structured and diverse. Moreover, children get introduced to some of the specialized subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, history, civics, geography, etc. These subjects lay the foundation for more advanced studies in the upcoming years. The books and the subject name are below to download in PDF format. 



English  Honeysuckle 
English  A Pact with the Sun
Hindi  Durva 
Hindi  Vasant 
Mathematics  Mathematics: Textbook for Class VI
Science  Science: Textbook for Class VI 
Social Science History 
Social Science Civics 
Social Science Geography 


NCERT Class 5th Books

Class 5th, also known as the final year of primary school, students must study before reaching upper primary level or middle school. Students in this class are generally around 10 - 11 years old and have to undergo a tremendous emotional and academic transition. Students get introduced to slightly more difficult topics and concepts of mathematics and science. To enquire furthermore, download these books in PDF format from the links given below : 

Subject  NCERT Book 
English  Marigold-5
Hindi  Rimjhim-5 
Mathematics  Maths Magic-5
Environmental Studies  Looking Around-5


NCERT Class 4th Books

NCERT books for class 4th provide a solid foundation for young learners in a relatively easy and more accessible manner while also covering essential topics. As these students get promoted to higher classes the difficulty level increases and the curriculum becomes more specialized and demanding however students need not worry as these books are provided in an easily accessible manner; following links will lead to the PDF of those books that you’re looking for, for class 4th.



English  Marigold-4
Hindi  Rimjhim-4
Mathematics  Maths Magic-4 
Environmental Studies  Looking around-4


NCERT Class 3rd Books

Class 3rd serves as an essential bridge for upper primary classes and lower primary classes, The focus however is more on reading and writing skills as it becomes extremely crucial for them to learn these two skills. Another focus is to make them understand the importance of teamwork, empathy, and respect for others. Bring out creativity from activities like arts and crafts enabling them to express their thoughts and opinions. The following are the books and their subject names to access through PDF format easily.



English Marigold-3
Hindi Rimjhim-3
Mathematics Maths Magic-3 
Environmental Studies  Looking Around-3


NCERT Class 2nd Books

Class 2nd is often recognized as carefree and enjoyable with a tinge of studies and discipline introduced into the lives of children; however, regardless of being carefree and easy, it is comparatively more demanding and challenging compared to Class 1st. The books mentioned in class 2nd are in front of their subject names.



English  Raindrops-2 
English  Marigold-2 
Hindi  Rimjhim-2 
Mathematics  Maths Magic-2 


NCERT Class 1st Books

Class 1st introduces the young learners to the formal way of taking education. Students at this begin to learn structurally. Subjects such as Hindi, English, Mathematics, etc are being taught, to give a brief introduction of all the subjects. These young fellows are eager to learn and curious to discover new things. Hence, we are providing links to books in a PDF format for easy access for parents/ guardians to learn and understand what is coming for their young ones.



English  Raindrops 1
English  Marigold 1
Hindi  Rimjhim 1
Mathematics Maths Magic 1


How to download NCERT books?

Follow these simple steps to get your hands on them:

  1. Go to the official website of NCERT, which is
  2. Look for the "Publications" tab on the homepage and click on "E-books."
  3. You'll see some options, like PDF, Flipbook, and ePub for different classes (I to XII) and even for different states/UTs. Click on "PDF (I-XII)."
  4. Choose your class, the subject you want, and the title of the book. Then click on the "Go" button.
  5. The NCERT book PDF will magically appear on your screen.
  6. Select the chapter you want to study and click "Open." The PDF for that chapter will open right up.

That's it! You're all set to dive into the amazing world of NCERT e-Textbooks.


What are NCERT books?

The National Council of Education Research and Training is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Strives to provide quality education, conceptual clarity, and easily accessible content to every Indian child—one primary goal is to publish textbooks, sample papers, exemplar books, etc. NCERT books cover a wide range of subjects and classes, providing a holistic and child-centric approach to learning. NCERT publications have become a nondetachable segment of the Indian education system with every renowned board of education inculcating and adapting its books in their curriculum or following the NCERT curriculum. 

Furthermore, education institutions have also understood the importance of NCERT books that cater to critical thinking, experiential learning, and inclusivity; along with their affordable pricing and being available in multiple languages, NCERT books also ensure that children from diverse backgrounds including weak socio-economic ones can have easy access to it. NCERT books mainly emphasize covering every critical and fundamental topic of a particular chapter and put conceptual learning over memorization. Presentation of difficult and complex topics is done in such a simplified manner so that it is easily understandable, making it easier for students to grasp easily and effectively. These books have been made available online to make them easily accessible to children who need them. The format of downloading these books will be PDF format. We have systematically provided these books in accordance with their class and subjects. 


NCERT Books Content

NCERT books are being heavily followed because of their child-centric approach and breaking complex topics into simpler manner while also covering most of the fundamental topics under a particular chapter; competitive exams like NEET for medical students and JEE for nonmedical students are conducted based on the syllabus under NCERT books which makes extremely important for students to follow it wisely and understand every concept carefully. Since most of the education boards prescribe books of NCERT, it is crucial for all the students to be able to get easy access and make their education journey smooth with them; we have provided links to access books of all subjects from classes 1 to 12th. 

NCERT books are textbooks published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in India. They cover various subjects and are widely used in schools across the country.

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