Quiz on World Theatre Day for Students in English and Hindi

  • 02 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Quiz on World Theatre Day

A theatre in the broadest sense, is a performance before a live audience. It includes plays, ballets, opera, pantomime, various kinds of dancing, singing, chanting, and many kinds of performing arts. Theatre has revolutionized our world in many forms, it has influenced its audience significantly at the beginning of its era. To know more about trivia and facts associated with it we have made a quiz in mcq format for you to attempt. 

Quiz on World Theatre Day 

World Theatre Day is celebrated worldwide on 27th March and is based on a different theme each year. This year the theme that was chosen by the ITI  (International Theatre Institute) is Theatre and Culture of Peace. The theme signifies the role that theatre plays in unifying cultures and establishing peace. It also helps to understand various cultures across the world and form a proper understanding towards them. The use of Theatre can be seen in various cultures across the world be it Ancient India, Greece or China remnants of Theatre can be found in every single civilisation. To access your knowledge of World Theatre Day consider giving the following quiz. 

Significance and Impacts of Theatre in Our Society 

Theatre has played a major role in shaping our society and has become an essential part of our lives. The "live" aspect of theatre to a large extent been diminished due to the accessibility of cell phones, laptops, TVs etc. Despite this limitation, the theatre continues to serve its motive through various forms. 

During the ancient period, theatre consisted of rituals, myths and cultural traditions. These mostly included dramatic elements such as chanting, symbolic actions and dancing. It was believed that performing such actions would appease the god. In many cultures enactment of plays which were based on their gods was done, its significance was to showcase all the good deeds and teachings of the play through acting. It acted as a communal activity, the enactment of plays often led people from other communities to join and share a common experience. These forms of plays and theatre conveyed moral lessons and ethical values through them. Making the audience aware of societal expectations and educating them about proper behaviour and consequences. As the time went by use of theatre became more entertainment based. Although, previous generations also derived entertainment from the acts and plays however, this time it became more precise in that context. Theatre has been a platform for political satire and 

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