Quiz on Road Safety and Traffic Signal Awareness for Kids

  • 13 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Quiz on Road Safety and Traffic Awareness

Teaching kids about road safety and traffic rules is very important. It helps keep them safe when they're near roads. Knowing how to cross streets safely and following traffic signs is essential for staying out of danger. To help everyone learn more about this, we made a quiz that's fun and easy to understand. It's a cool way to become a road safety expert. 

Quiz on Road Safety and Traffic Signals to Spread Awareness Amongst Kids 

Road safety is crucial because neglecting or taking it lightly can have serious consequences. When people, especially kids, don't follow traffic rules or pay attention to road safety, accidents can happen. These accidents can lead to injuries or even worse, and that's something we want to avoid at all costs. By learning and practising road safety, we can protect ourselves and others from harm, making our streets safer for everyone. So, always remember to follow the rules, look both ways and stay safe on the roads!

Following we have prepared a quiz on the topic for kids to learn through this fun interactive activity. 


Safety Rules to Follow While Being on the Road 

Following are some of the essential Traffic Rules that should be kept in mind while being on the road. 

  1. Look Both Ways: Always look left and right before crossing any road, even if it's a one-way street. Make sure there are no approaching vehicles.

  2. Use Crosswalks: Cross roads only at designated crosswalks, pedestrian crossings, or zebra crossings. These areas are designed to be safer for pedestrians.

  3. Obey Traffic Signals: Pay attention to traffic signals, pedestrian lights, and walk signals. Green means go, and red means stop.

  4. Hold Hands: If you're walking with an adult, hold their hand while crossing the road. This helps keep you close and safe.

  5. Walk, Don't Run: When crossing the road or walking near traffic, always walk and don't run. Running can lead to accidents.

  6. Stay on the Sidewalk: If there's a sidewalk, use it. Stay as far away from the road as possible while walking.

  7. Don't Play on the Road: Roads are not playgrounds. Never play games or chase toys onto the road.

  8. Stay Visible: If you're walking or cycling in the dark, wear bright clothing or reflective gear, and use lights or reflectors on your bicycle.

  9. Stay Away from Parked Cars: Don't walk or play between parked cars. Drivers might not see you when they're backing out.

  10. No Distractions: Avoid distractions like texting or using headphones while walking near traffic. Stay focused on the road.

  11. Use Helmets: If you're riding a bicycle or scooter, always wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall.

  12. Ride Single File: When cycling with friends, ride in a single file line, not side by side. This makes it easier for drivers to see you.

  13. Stop at Stop Signs: If you're on a bicycle or skateboard, obey stop signs and traffic rules just like cars do.

  14. Look out for Cars Turning: Be cautious when crossing driveways or intersections where cars might be turning.

  15. Use Hand Signals: If you're cycling, learn and use hand signals to indicate when you're turning or stopping.

  16. Stay Clear of Large Vehicles: Trucks and buses have blind spots, so never walk or cycle too close to them.

  17. Don't Rush: Don't rush when crossing roads or intersections. Take your time, and wait for a safe opportunity to cross.

  18. Be Predictable: When cycling or walking, be predictable in your movements. Don't suddenly change direction.

  19. Obey School Crossing Guards: If there's a school crossing guard, always follow their instructions.

  20. Learn About Road Signs: Familiarize yourself with common road signs and what they mean.

  21. Avoid Playing near Roads: Keep your play activities away from roads and traffic areas. Find safe places to play.

  22. Be Cautious in Bad Weather: In rainy or foggy conditions, be extra cautious. Reduced visibility can make it harder for drivers to see you.

  23. Know Your Surroundings: Pay attention to your surroundings. Know where you are and where you're going.

  24. Use Handrails: If you're using a pedestrian bridge or crossing, use the handrails to stay safe.

  25. Stay Calm: If you're in a situation where you need to cross a busy road, stay calm, and wait for the right moment. Don't rush or panic.

  26. Teach Others: Share these rules with your friends and family. Encourage everyone to practice road safety.

  27. Be a Good Role Model: Show others how to follow road safety rules by setting a good example.

  28. Report Unsafe Behavior: If you see someone acting unsafely on the road, tell a trusted adult or authority figure.


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