List of Chief Ministers of Puducherry

  • 13 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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List of all the Chief Ministers of Puducherry

Chief ministers are the backbone of a state's administration, crucial for its governance and development. In Puducherry, dynamic leadership has played a vital role in steering the state's course. To appreciate their significance, we've compiled an exhaustive list of all the chief ministers of Puducherry, offering historical context and insights into their tenures.

List of Chief Ministers of Puducherry 

Puducherry, often referred to as "Pondicherry," is a picturesque Union Territory on the southeastern coast of India that embodies a unique blend of cultures, spirituality, and natural beauty. Its distinctiveness lies in its colonial heritage, marked by charming French architecture, tranquil beaches, and a serene ambiance that transports visitors to a different era.

Chief ministers have played an essential role in shaping Puducherry's identity and its path to development. The union territory's historical connection with France is palpable in its architecture, cuisine, and even the French-speaking population. The legacy of visionary leaders like Edouard Goubert, who served as Puducherry's first chief minister, has preserved this cultural heritage. Goubert's leadership marked an era of stability and development, emphasizing education and healthcare.

Puducherry's natural beauty further enhances its appeal, with pristine beaches like Paradise Beach and Auroville Beach providing solace to travelers. The picturesque town of Auroville, founded by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, is a symbol of spiritual unity and sustainable living. Chief ministers have played a role in promoting tourism and eco-friendly practices, preserving the territory's environmental richness.

Today, leaders like V. Narayanasamy have focused on modernizing Puducherry, improving infrastructure, and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. The union territory has also made strides in education and healthcare under various chief ministers.

Following we have mentioned a table including all the Chief Ministers of Puducherry state.

Sl.No Chief Minister From To Party Name
1 N. Rangaswamy 07 May 2021 Present All India N.R. Congress
2 President's rule 23 Feb 2021 06 May 2021  
3 V. Narayanasamy 06 Jun 2016 22 Feb 2021 INC
4 N. Rangaswamy 16 May 2011 06 Jun 2016 All India N.R. Congress
5 V. Vaithilingam 04 Sep 2008 16 May 2011 INC
6 N. Rangaswamy 13 May 2006 04 Sep 2008 INC
7 N. Rangaswamy 27 Oct 2001 12 May 2006 INC
8 P. Shanmugam 24 May 2001 26 Oct 2001 INC
9 P. Shanmugam 22 Mar 2000 15 May 2001 INC
10 R. V. Janakiraman 26 May 1996 21 Mar 2000 DMK
11 V. Vaithilingam 04 Jul 1991 13 May 1996 INC
12 President's rule 03 Mar 1991 04 Jul 1991  
13 M. D. R. Ramachandran 08 Mar 1990 03 Mar 1991 DMK
14 M. O. H. Farook 16 Mar 1985 04 Mar 1990 INC
15 President's rule 24 Jun 1983 16 Mar 1985  
16 M. D. R. Ramachandran 16 Jan 1980 24 Jun 1983 DMK
17 President's rule 12 Nov 1978 16 Jan 1980  
18 Subramanyan Ramaswamy 02 Jul 1977 12 Nov 1978 AIADMK
19 President's rule 28 Mar 1974 02 Jul 1977  
20 Subramanyan Ramaswamy 06 Mar 1974 28 Mar 1974 AIADMK
21 President's rule 03 Jan 1974 06 Mar 1974  
22 M. O. H. Farook 17 Mar 1969 03 Jan 1974 DMK
23 President's rule 18 Sep 1968 17 Mar 1969  
24 V. Venkatasubha Reddiar 06 Mar 1968 18 Sep 1968 INC
25 M. O. H. Farook 09 Apr 1967 06 Mar 1968 INC
26 V. Venkatasubha Reddiar 11 Sep 1964 09 Apr 1967 INC
27 Edouard Goubert 01 Jul 1963 24 Aug 1964 INC

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