Mygov Quiz: Heritage Quiz

  • 13 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Mygov Quiz: Heritage Quiz

Mygov Quiz is a governmental initiative which has been taken to educate and raise awareness regarding mainstream issues and topics that every citizen must be aware of. Thus various quizzes under the quiz section of the Mygov site after visiting it.  And one such quiz that has been made live and is called "Heritage Quiz". To inquire more on the matter consider having a look at the rest of the article. 

Mygov Quiz: Quiz on Heritage

Mygov Quiz conducts various quizzes to raise awareness among the citizens of India. This time, The Archeological Survey of India has collaborated with Mygov to organise a quiz on "Heritage Quiz". The objective of this Quiz is to highlight the importance of our cultural sites which are the symbol of our rich, diverse, and cultural heritage. While going through the process of learning about them people will realise how intriguing our History and Culture are along with engraining the person with a sense of safeguarding it. An attempt to raise awareness about conserving and managing the country’s heritage has also been made. 

 Candidates interested in playing can visit where under the quizzes section "Heritage Quiz" can be seen. The Quiz as of now is open to play and will continue to stay open till 31st May 2024. A total of 25 questions are there and 110 seconds will be alloted to finish the quiz. In this particular quiz, only school-going children can apply. 

How to Prepare

To make yourself well-prepared for the time of competition you can either take help from the material scattered all over the internet or another alternative could be making use of the mcq quiz curated by our team. Following we have prepared questions on the topic of "Heritage Quiz". 

Practise Questions for the Heritage Quiz 

Below are several questions for the purpose of your preparation. 

Q1. In which country is the World Heritage Site located where Gautama Buddha was born?

a) India
b) Sri Lanka
c) Nepal
d) Pakistan

Correct Answer: Nepal

Q2. In which archaeological site do we find the Dhamek and Dharmarajika stupa?

a) Sanchi
b) Sarnath
c) Satdhara
d) Amravati

Correct Answer: Sarnath

Q3. In which state do we find the fort Aguada?

a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Goa
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Bihar

Correct Answer: Goa

Q4. Kathakali originates from which Indian state?

a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Kerala
d) Maharashtra

Correct Answer: Kerala

Q5. By which other name do we know the Sattriya Theatre?

a) Ankiya Bhaona
b) Kuchipudi
c) Garbha
d) Kuttiyattam

Correct Answer: Ankiya Bhaona

Prizes and Rewards

Each month 10 winners will be announced. An award will be given to the candidate if he/she ends up giving correct answers for the maximum number of questions in the minimum time possible. In case of candidate managing to do so he/she will: 

  1.  Get a chance to visit any monument of their choice along with their parents 
  2.  Also get a complimentary picture clicked at the monument. 

Terms and Conditions 

 To be able to play and win the Mygov Heritage Quiz smoothly, the following terms and conditions should be kept in mind. 

  1. Only school-going students can attempt this quiz. 
  2. The quiz contains 25 questions which are required to be finished in under 900 seconds/ 15 minutes. 
  3. This Quiz will stay open for a year. 
  4. A quiz can only be attempted once, after submitting the quiz there's no way to re-give it.
  5. An option for reviewing the answers is there before finalizing your decision to submit it. 
  6. The medium for giving the quiz is made available in both English and Hindi.
  7. One can only be able to enter the quiz competition until the deadline. Once the quiz has reached its deadline no further competition shall be taken place.

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria for being able to participate are given as follows : 

  1. One must be a registered citizen of India. 
  2. Should possess an e-mail or a Facebook account. 
  3. Must not be working under mygov. 


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