List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya

  • 13 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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List of all the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya

Chief Ministers serve as the linchpin of a state's governance and development. They bear the weighty responsibility of leading, governing, and representing the people. Understanding the lineage of chief ministers in a state is pivotal to comprehending its political history. To shed light on this crucial aspect, we've meticulously curated a comprehensive list of all the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya. This compilation illuminates their contributions and leadership over the years. Furthermore, we invite you to test your knowledge with a quiz at the conclusion of this article. It's a valuable opportunity to delve into Meghalaya's dynamic political landscape and gain insights into the leaders who have shaped its destiny.

List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya 

Meghalaya, located in the northeastern part of India, is a state of breathtaking beauty and cultural richness. Nestled among the clouds, it's aptly known as the "Abode of Clouds." The uniqueness of Meghalaya lies in its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and the harmonious coexistence of various communities.

The state boasts of lush green hills, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and abundant forests, creating a picturesque canvas that enthrals all who visit. Cherrapunjee, known for its record-breaking rainfall, adds to the state's uniqueness. Meghalaya's diverse communities, with the Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias as the major ethnic groups, contribute to its rich cultural tapestry.

Meghalaya's progress and development have been significantly shaped by its Chief Ministers. Leaders like Williamson A. Sangma, D.D. Lapang and Conrad Sangma have played pivotal roles in steering the state toward political stability and economic growth.

Williamson A. Sangma, the first Chief Minister, set the stage for governance in the newly formed state. D.D. Lapang's leadership saw a focus on infrastructure development and education. 

These leaders have not only addressed political and economic challenges but have also worked to preserve and promote the state's cultural heritage. Their efforts have contributed to Meghalaya's growth as a tourist destination and an emerging economic hub while maintaining its unique identity.

Following we have mentioned a table including all the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya state. 

Sl.No Chief Minister From To Party Name
1 Conrad Sangma 06 Mar 2018 Present National People's Party
2 Mukul Sangma 05 Mar 2013 06 Mar 2018 INC
3 Mukul Sangma 20 Apr 2010 05 Mar 2013 INC
4 D. D. Lapang 13 May 2009 19 Apr 2010 INC
5 President's rule 18 Mar 2009 12 May 2009  
6 Donkupar Roy 19 Mar 2008 18 Mar 2009 United Democratic Party
7 D. D. Lapang 04 Mar 2008 19 Mar 2008 INC
8 D. D. Lapang 10 Mar 2007 04 Mar 2008 INC
9 J. D. Rymbai 15 Jun 2006 10 Mar 2007 INC
10 D. D. Lapang 04 Mar 2003 15 Jun 2006 INC
11 Flinder Anderson Khonglam 08 Dec 2001 08 Dec 2001 Independent
12 E. K. Mawlong 08 Mar 2000 08 Dec 2001 United Democratic Party
13 B. B. Lyngdoh 10 Mar 1998 08 Mar 2000 United Democratic Party
14 S. C. Marak 27 Feb 1998 10 Mar 1998 INC
15 S. C. Marak 19 Feb 1993 27 Feb 1998 INC
16 D.D. Lapang 05 Feb 1992 19 Feb 1993 INC
17 President's rule 11 Oct 1991 05 Feb 1992  
18 B. B. Lyngdoh 26 Mar 1990 10 Oct 1991 Hill People's Union
19 P. A. Sangma 06 Feb 1988 25 Mar 1990 INC
20 Williamson A. Sangma 02 Apr 1983 05 Feb 1988 INC
21 B. B. Lyngdoh 02 Mar 1983 31 Mar 1983 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
22 Williamson A. Sangma 07 May 1981 24 Feb 1983 INC
23 B. B. Lyngdoh 07 May 1979 07 May 1981 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
24 Darwin Diengdoh Pugh 21 Feb 1979 06 May 1979 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
25 Darwin Diengdoh Pugh 10 Mar 1978 21 Feb 1979 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
26 Williamson A. Sangma 22 Nov 1976 03 Mar 1978 INC
27 Williamson A. Sangma 18 Mar 1972 21 Nov 1976 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
28 Williamson A. Sangma 21 Jan 1972 18 Mar 1972 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
29 Williamson A. Sangma 02 Apr 1970 21 Jan 1972 All Party Hill Leaders Conference

Quiz on Chief Ministers of Meghalaya 

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