General Knowledge Quiz on Jobs and Occupation

  • 13 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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Gk Quiz on Jobs and Occupations

The world is brimming with fascinating jobs and occupations, each with its unique set of tasks and challenges. It's crucial to expand our awareness of these diverse professions and the valuable roles they play in society. To gain knowledge about these careers, one can explore the captivating quiz provided in the rest of this article. It's a fun and informative way to learn about the wide array of jobs that people engage in worldwide.

General Knowledge Quiz on Jobs and Occupation

A job or occupation refers to a specific role or task performed by an individual in exchange for compensation, typically within a formal or informal work setting. It embodies a work of responsibility as it necessitates the fulfilment of assigned duties and responsibilities, often tied to a set of skills, expertise, or qualifications. Dividing work into jobs is essential for the efficient functioning of organizations and societies, as it allows for specialization, streamlined processes, and improved productivity. Moreover, the world is replete with diverse types of jobs, ranging from manual labour to intellectual pursuits, reflecting the multifaceted needs of our global community and the myriad talents and interests of individuals.

Following we have MCQs related to it for your self-assessment and to help you gain some additional insights on the topic. 

Q1. This person helps sick people get better and can give them medicine.
a) Vet
b) Doctor
c) Pilot
d) Shop assistant

Answer: b) Doctor

Q2. This person makes paintings, sculptures and other kinds of art.
a) Painter
b) Musician
c) Artist
d) Police man

Answer: c) Artist

Q3. This person can take you on a holiday in an airplane.
a) Teacher
b) Taxi driver
c) Pilot
d) Electrician

Answer: c) Pilot

Q4. A ____ Person Who Makes Chairs and Tables.
a) Carpenter
b) Tailor
c) Gatekeeper
d) Conductor

Answer: a) Carpenter

Q5. A ____ Person Who Sells Medicines and Drugs.
a) Chemist
b) Butcher
c) Nurse
d) Doctor

Answer: a) Chemist

Q6. A ____ Person Who decides questions of Law in a Court.
a) Judge
b) Policeman
c) Surgeon
d) Conductor

Answer: a) Judge

Q7. A ____ Person Who Takes Care of Our Home at Night.
a) Watchman
b) Tailor
c) Baker
d) Nurse

Answer: a) Watchman

Q8. A ____ is a Person who makes Garments.
a) Tailor
b) Baker
c) Carpenter
d) Surgeon

Answer: a) Tailor

Q9. A ____ Person Whose Job is to keep Law and Order in The Country.
a) Judge
b) Advocate
c) Policeman
d) Tailor

Answer: c) Policeman

Q10. A ____ Person Who Cuts into People's Bodies to help cure them.
a) Surgeon
b) Chemist
c) Doctor
d) Nurse

Answer: a) Surgeon

Q11. A ____ Person Who Sells Fish.
a) Barber
b) Farmer
c) Fish Monger
d) Baker

Answer: c) Fish Monger

Q12. A ____ is a Person who Cures Sick People.
a) Tailor
b) Nurse
c) Policeman
d) Chemist

Answer: b) Nurse

Q13. A ____ Person Who Makes Bread and Biscuits.
a) Tailor
b) Grocer
c) Farmer
d) Baker

Answer: d) Baker

Q14. A ____ Person who Sells Fruit and Vegetables.
a) Green Grocer
b) Farmer
c) Conductor
d) Fishmonger

Answer: a) Green Grocer

Q15. A ____ Person Who Cuts Men's Hair or Shaves Them.
a) Doctor
b) Surgeon
c) Barber
d) Butcher

Answer: c) Barber

Q16. Which of the following things can you get from a 'pharmacist'?
a) Medicine
b) A pizza
c) A cow
d) A gun

Answer: a) Medicine

Q17. Where does an 'astronaut' usually work?
a) On a mountain
b) In space
c) Underwater
d) In an office

Answer: b) In space

Q18. Which of the following things can a 'plumber' fix?
a) A window
b) A sink
c) Shoes
d) A chair

Answer: b) A sink

Q19. A teacher can make you study. What can a 'clown' make you do?
a) Exercise
b) Sleep
c) Cry
d) Laugh

Answer: d) Laugh

Q20. Which of the following things can a 'mechanic' fix?
a) A door
b) A car
c) A computer
d) A television

Answer: b) A car

Q21. Which of the following things can you buy from a 'grocer'?
a) Cars
b) Radios
c) Shoes
d) Sugar

Answer: d) Sugar

Q22. Which of the following will you take from people if you are a 'cashier'?
a) Their coats
b) Their books
c) Their food
d) Their money

Answer: d) Their money

Q23. Which of the following will you cut if you are a 'barber'?
a) Flowers
b) Bread
c) Hair
d) Paper

Answer: c) Hair

Q24. Which of the following should you bring to a 'veterinarian'?
a) Your bicycle
b) Your cat
c) Your homework
d) Your friend

Answer: b) Your cat

Q25. Which of the following things can you buy from a 'florist'?
a) Frogs
b) Food
c) Flowers
d) Fish

Answer: c) Flowers

Q26. Which of the following things does a 'journalist' usually write?
a) Songs
b) Children's stories
c) News stories
d) Letters

Answer: c) News stories

Q27. What does an 'architect' usually design?
a) Boats
b) Buildings
c) Clothes
d) Cartoons

Answer: b) Buildings

Q28. Which of the following things can you get from a 'librarian'?
a) Books
b) Tickets
c) Chocolate
d) Hats

Answer: a) Books

List of Some of the Popular Jobs and Occupations 

S.No. Jobs and Occupations Number of People Worldwide (Approx.)
1 Accountant 1.4 million
2 Actor/Actress 1 million
3 Architect 1.5 million
4 Marine Biologist 160,000
5 Baker 2.5 million
6 Barista 1.2 million
7 Barber 3 million
8 Biologist 500,000
9 Carpenter 10 million
10 Chef 2 million
11 Chemist 1.7 million
12 Civil Engineer 1.4 million
13 Dentist 1.3 million
14 Detective 1 million
15 Doctor 11 million
16 Electrician 10 million
17 Farmer 1.3 billion
18 Firefighter 1.3 million
19 Florist 100,000
20 Graphic Designer 2 million
21 Hairstylist 2 million
22 IT Specialist/Programmer 18 million
23 Journalist 1.5 million
24 Judge 1 million
25 Librarian 500,000
26 Marketing Manager 2.5 million
27 Musician 5 million
28 Nurse 20 million
29 Photographer 5 million
30 Police Officer 2.5 million
31 Psychologist 1.2 million
32 Real Estate Agent 1 million
33 Scientist 2.7 million
34 Social Worker 1.8 million
35 Software Developer 23 million
36 Teacher 69 million
37 Translator/Interpreter 500,000
38 Veterinarian 1 million
39 Waiter/Waitress 25 million
40 Welder 4 million
41 Actor/Actress 1 million
42 Archaeologist 50,000
43 Astronaut 600
44 Botanist 20,000
45 Chauffeur 3 million
46 Data Analyst 2 million
47 Economist 1.2 million
48 Flight Attendant 500,000
49 Geologist 150,000
50 Interior Designer 500,000


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