General Knowledge Quiz on Friendship Day

  • 13 September, 2023
  • By GyanOK

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General Knowledge Quiz on Friendship Day

Friendship Day is a heartfelt celebration of the bonds that enrich our lives. It's a day when we cherish the laughter, the shared secrets, and the unwavering support of our friends. These connections are the threads that weave the tapestry of our existence. As we honour this special day, we're reminded of the joy and warmth that friendships bring. To commemorate this beautiful occasion, we've curated a quiz that pays tribute to the spirit of friendship.

General Knowledge Quiz on Friendship Day 

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August in many countries, including India and the United States. This special day is dedicated to honouring and celebrating the invaluable bonds of friendship that enrich our lives. It provides an opportunity to express gratitude to friends for their love, support, and companionship. The history of Friendship Day dates back to 1930 when it was first proposed by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards, in the United States. However, it gained widespread popularity in the 20th century, thanks to the efforts of various countries and organizations. The day serves as a reminder of the importance of friends in our lives and encourages the strengthening of these cherished connections.

We have provided on Friendship Day to help you gain some additional insights on this special occasion. 


History and Significance of Friendship Day

The origins of Friendship Day can be traced back to the early 20th century when Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards, introduced the idea in the United States in 1930. However, it initially didn't gain widespread recognition. The concept of Friendship Day received a significant boost when the World Friendship Crusade, an international organization, began actively promoting it. They proposed July 30th as International Friendship Day, aiming to foster a culture of peace and friendship among nations. Over the years, the idea of celebrating friendship continued to evolve and adapt to different cultures, eventually leading to the celebration of Friendship Day on various dates worldwide.

Friendship Day holds profound significance as a dedicated occasion to honour and celebrate the bonds of friendship. It serves as a reminder of the importance of friends in our lives, acknowledging their unwavering support, trust, and companionship. It's a day to express gratitude to friends for being there through thick and thin. Friendship Day promotes the values of trust, empathy, and understanding, contributing to a more harmonious and connected society. It encourages people to reach out to old friends, make new ones, and mend broken relationships, fostering a sense of unity and goodwill among individuals. Whether through small gestures or heartfelt messages, Friendship Day provides an opportunity to strengthen and celebrate the beautiful relationships that enrich our lives.

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