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"Titanic Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Ship and its Fateful Disaster"

Relive Titanic's iconic moments with this quiz, testing your memory and knowledge about the legendary ship.

  • 14 November 2023
  • By GyanOK

Test your knowledge of the world of Titanic with this quiz, testing how well you remember the details of this huge and tragic ship. Challenge yourself to recall the memories of the giant Titanic in this fascinating quiz, from its construction to its ill-fated maiden voyage. And see how much you know about Titanic.

Where was the titanic built?
Name the firm that built Titanic?
The Titanic gross tonnage was?
How many persons were aboard the Titanic?
How many lifeboat space the titanic have?
How long was the Titanic?
When did the Titanic sink?
What is the estimated number of individuals died when titanic sank?
Name the ship that came for help when titanic sank?
Which British journalist died when the Titanic sank?