celebrity quiz

Can you match the unique nicknames to the correct celebrities?

Discover the humorous nicknames of Bollywood stars in this entertaining quiz. Test your Bollywood knowledge.

  • 21 October 2023
  • By GyanOK

Learn about the world of Bollywood and its quirky side with the quiz "Do you know the funny nicknames of Bollywood celebrities?" Bollywood is not just about movies and stardom; It is also famous for its unique and sometimes humorous nicknames. This quiz will challenge your knowledge of these funny nicknames and test if you can match them with the correct Bollywood celebrities.

Name the actress with nickname 'Aalu'
Which actress has a nickname 'Chirkut'?
Which actor has a nickname 'Sasha'?
Name the actress with nick name 'Mimi'
Name the actress with nick name 'Duggu'
Which actress nick name is 'Lolo'
Name the actor whose grandfather called him 'Ganglu' and rest of the family members as 'Dabbu'
Name this actor with nick name 'Pappu'
Name the actress with nick name 'Manya'
Guess the name of the actress with nickname 'Gullu'