Daily Current Affairs Quiz for 24 November 2022


Current Affairs MCQ question and answers

1Which journalist has been honored with the ‘Jaipur Foot USA’ award for COVID-19 relief efforts?

2Who has become the 7th Indian to be elected as a member of the International Committee for Weights and Measures?

3Which state’s cricket deaf team has recently won the ‘T20 National Championship 2022’ trophy?

4Which country has recently launched ‘Hwasong-17 or Monster Missile’?

5Where was the 4th edition of Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue being held from 23rd to 25th November?

6Which country’s Parliament has recently passed a ‘Free Trade Agreement’ with India?

7The renovated Tawang War Memorial located in which state has been dedicated to the nation?

8Which former Indian football captain passed away recently at the age of 59?

9Which commission has recently launched ‘Ghar’ portal?

10Which union minister has announced India’s first National Center of Excellence for Green Ports and Shipping?