Daily Current Affairs Quiz for 02 November 2022


Current Affairs MCQ question and answers

1Digital Rupee project was launched by which of the following?

2In which country did the US choose the partner to build its first nuclear plant?

3With which of the following country did the Indian Navy conduct the first trilateral naval exercise?

4When is World Vegetarian Day celebrated every year?

5Who among the following has been appointed as the President of the Civil Society of the G20 Summit?

6In which of the following state India's first data center was inaugurated?

7Since when is India Water Week being celebrated?

8Recently J. Irani passed away Known as India's Steel Man, in which year was he honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award?

9Which of the following union territory celebrated its fourth foundation day on 31 October 2022?

10India will contribute how much dollar to the United Nations Trust Fund against Terrorism?