Daily Current Affairs Notes for 22-Oct-2022 By GyanOK.com

22 October 2022

Anna May Wong – first Asian-American to be featured on US currency

Anna May Wong, a Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood, is set to become the first Asian-American to feature in US currency.


  • A quarter-dollar coin depicting a close-up image of Anna May Wong will commence circulation on October 24, 2022.
  • This will be the fifth coin in the American Women Quarters (AWQ) Program.
  • It will have the Latin phrase “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, which means “out of many, one”.
  • It is designed to recognize Wong’s accomplishments while overcoming challenges and hurdles during her lifetime.
  • Wong is regarded as Hollywood’s first Chinese-American star, having a decades-long career in motion pictures, television, and theatre amid the widespread racism in the United States.
  • As the first Asian female actor, she faced discrimination and was cast aside in favour of non-Asian actresses.
  • She was forced to play exoticized stereotypes of East Asians and could not get lead roles in films because of laws prohibiting actors from different races from kissing on screen.
  • She is famed for dying a thousand deaths due to the villainous roles she played.
  • Wong received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was the first Asian American actress to do so. Lucy Liu became the second Asian American woman to achieve this feat in 2019.
  • Wong was born in Los Angeles to second-generation Taishanese Chinese-American parents in 1905.
  • During the silent film era, she featured in “The Toll of the Sea” (1922) – one of the first colour films.
American Women Quarters (AWQ) Program
  • The AWQ program is a four-year program that honors the achievements of women in the United States from 2022 to 2025. Under this program, the US mint will issue a series of quarters featuring notable women in United States History. Till date, Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, and Nina Otero-Warren have been featured under the program.

LVM3 Launch to Mark ISRO’s Entry Into Global Commercial Launch Service Market

The heaviest rocket LVM3 of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch 36 satellites of British start-up OneWeb Broadband Communication Satellites from the spaceport in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota on October 23, 2022. It will mark the the launcher’s entry into the global commercial launch service market.

What The ISRO Said:
  • “This contract with M/s OneWeb is a historic milestone for NSIL and ISRO, as LVM3 is making its entry into the Global commercial launch service market. As part of the Contract, 36 satellites will be placed into orbit by one LVM3, from Satish Dhawan Space Centre,” ISRO had said.
  • “Cryo stage, equipment bay (EB) assembly completed. Satellites are encapsulated and assembled in the vehicle. Final vehicle checks are in progress,” it said.
Commercial Arm of the ISRO:
  • New Space India Limited (NSIL), a CPSE under the Department of Space and the commercial arm of the ISRO, has signed two launch service contracts with M/s Network Access Associated Limited (M/s OneWeb), United Kingdom, for launching OneWeb LEO Broadband Communication Satellites on board ISRO’s heaviest launcher LVM3.
ISRO’s Launch Vehicles:
  • For Lower Earth Orbits:
    • Several satellites need to be deposited only in the lower earth orbitswhich starts from about 180 km from earth’s surface and extends up to 2,000 km.
      • Most of the earth-observation satellites, communication satellites, and even the International Space Station, a full-fledged laboratory in space that hosts astronauts, function in this space.
    • It takes a smaller amount of energy to take the satellites to low-earth orbits, and accordingly smaller, less powerful, rockets are used for this purpose.
  • For Higher Orbits:
    • There are other satellites which need to go much deeper in space.
    • Geostationary satellites, for example, have to be deposited in orbits that are about 36,000 km from earths’ surface.
    • The planetary exploration missions also need their rockets to leave them much deeper in space.
    • For such space missions, much more powerful rockets are used.
      • In general, there is a trade-off between the weight of the satellite that needs to be launched, and the distance it needs to be taken to. The same rocket can take smaller satellites much deeper into space compared to a heavier satellite.

Pakistan Removed from FATF Grey List on Terror Financing

Guinness World Records Officially Declares Monday ‘Worst Day Of The Week’

  • Guinness World Records has officially declared “Monday” the worst day of the week. After Guinness World Records’ move, all of that will no longer be smoothed over into a wishy-washy ‘Monday blues’ packet. It’s real now. Going into Monday means you’re going into the officially declared and universally accepted worst day of the week. Now you could blame your general grumpiness on it being Monday. It would be a concern only during the remaining six days of the week. Guinness World Records (GRW) took to Twitter and officially presented Monday the accolade of being the worst day of the week.
About the Guinness World Records:
  • Guinness World Records, known from its inception in 1955 until 1999 as The Guinness Book of Records and in previous United States editions as The Guinness Book of World Records, is a reference book published annually, listing world records both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.

Fintech platform PhonePe launches its first green data centre in India